<aside> ✨ Learn about the Cairo lang by solving playground exercises and winning rewards


A challenge that will teach you the basics of the Cairo language

Have you wanted to learn Cairo for a long time? Or maybe you want to take the 17 basic lessons from the playground, but haven't found the motivation?

This is the moment to learn a new stack, meet the Cairo developers, and have fun! 🎉 🌈 And it will take less than 15 minutes a day 🪄

🇪🇬 What is happening?

Newton is a QnA website for Cairo developers. We are starting a challenge of 17 days of Cairo Lang Playground. Every day you take a new exercise from the official playground, solve it, and share the answer to the Newton website. Every day the best ones to publish the solution receive $10, and everyone gets a chance to meet new friends and have fun

👮🏻 Rules

👀 Big Brother is watching you, don’t cheat or he will be angry and remove you from the competition

🏦 Prize pool

In addition to knowledge and enjoyment $245 will be distributed: