<aside> ✨ The Newton’s protocol is live on the Goerli testnet! It's a good time to try it out in action: earn USDC by posting questions and answers about StarkNet.


Program is live: 1-20 Nov. Rewards will be submitted after the incentivized program finished.

Newton Test Program Rewards

It’s time to accelerate your dev routine!

Our goal is to help every developer on earth to find answers to their questions faster. Our test program is a small step in creating a new internet, a web3 platform where everyone can freely ask and answer questions, gaining tokens, reputation and creating a knowledge database.

testnet banner 1.png

Whoever cares about the StarkNet community, namely:

What to do

<aside> 🪴 Go to Newton → Ask a question → Get an answer → Get money → Repeat


In detail, our bounty program has three parts:

Term of program

The program is running in test mode and will last from November 1 to 20. All questions and answers are counted during this period, including answers to questions asked earlier in the interval. Posts need to be legit Cairo questions or answers though, we’ll filter out those just hunting for a quick buck. Prizes for the best questions will be announced on November 25. Bug bounty awards work on a finder's fee model - if you find a vulnerability, write to [email protected] or in https://t.me/newtonfeedback group.

Feedback? Chatting?